Don’t get me wrong, I know you have a deep desire for goodness.

To be a good partner, sister, mother, friend, daughter.

And I want that for you too.

But where are you placing the expectations of others, the unspoken “rules” you were handed, not making anybody else uncomfortable or inconvenienced above being the creatress of the life and relationships you really desire?

And at some point, probably very early, you started to equate compliance and obedience with goodness.

You probably got a lot of gold stars from keeping all the rules and never saying no or disappointing anyone and you noticed people liked and needed you because you made their lives easier and never caused them any problems.


The truth is, as a woman, you are biologically, sociologically, epigenetically imprinted to be acutely empathetic.

And that is big magic.

But it also means you are keenly and deeply aware of the needs, requests, expectations, and disappointments of others and it requires fierce commitment to a vision, a desire, the full expression of your divinity and stewardship of your soul to override your primal instincts, step out of assured acceptance, and rise as the powerful Creatress of your own real life.


🌊 Feel braver, more true and more FREE in the way you show up in your life and advocate for yourself.


🌊 Open the channel for life force energy within you and feel remember what it feels like to have hopes and dreams and plans that only belong to you.


🌊 Stop feeling either depleted or guilty and instead, get what you need WITHOUT feeling like it’s at the expense of everyone else.


🌊 Understand why your transition from Daughter to Creatress is essential to the reformation and evolution of our planet.


🌊 Experience what to do with all the anger that comes up and understand why your rage can be sacred and necessary.


🌊 Step back and see why the struggle to be fully yourself and unbecome everything that isn’t you isn’t really your fault, but is your honor to heal.


🌊 Deepen your existing relationships or allow them to fall away with grace and love

🌊 Develop tools to repattern your nervous system into dynamic creatress instead of passive recipient of other people’s agendas.


🌊 Experience quantum leaps in what you thought were unrelated areas of your life (like money, romance, work, parenting) as you bring your core into greater congruence.


🌊 Create your own sense of safety instead of the inherited dependence on family, partners, or social groups


🌊 You will feel more peace and joy everywhere in your life and unleash a new era of leadership, direction, and purpose for yourself.

Your mom disapproves of how much time you spend traveling instead of with your kids.

And it’s okay.

Your sister asks you to babysit but you say ‘no’ because you really need some time to yourself after a stressful day at work and she gets short and hangs up quickly.

And it’s okay.

Your dad comments that it looks like you’ve gained weight.

And it’s not okay and you can say so without spiraling.

You stop scrambling to make the perfect dinner and make sure the house is clean all on your own and your husband gets pouty.

And you’re okay.

And you start sharing more of yourself on social media so you can create the business of your dreams and your cousin unfollows you.

And you’re okay.

And you make a big departure from what your family has always done and who everyone in high school expected you to be and you say what you actually want and need in your partnership and back it up and you reconfigure the relationship with your parents and you start living differently than how you’ve seen any other woman live close up.

And maybe your life gets bigger and maybe your life gets smaller, but you smile more and you rest more and you remember what pleasure feels like in your body and you wake up excited and you love people better and free them to live their own lives too and you start dressing how you want even if it might seem out of character and you’re not worried what people might say and you have dreams and joy and desires that just belong to you.

And you’re so much more than okay.

If you’re here, you’re doing big work. Like the biggest.

You’re considering breaking out of patterns you’ve inherited from the groundwater of your culture and from millennia of ancestors.

If you feel like you’re constantly struggling to root your steps in your own truth, are haunted by still wanting the approval of your family, and worried about being judged by your community…

Of course you are.

But it doesn’t have to be like this forever.

You were made for this moment.

Maybe you had an absent father;
maybe you had an emotionally-unstable mother.

we think…
“Of course, you have a father wound!”
“It makes sense you have a mother wound!”

but what if you have wonderful parents (i do!) but you know you still carry the weight of expectations or subtle bruises thaT never quite seem to heal.

what if you find yourself choosing romantic relationships you know aren’t good for you or feel yourself repeating patterns inside that are toxic or even just unfulfilling?

or what if it feels so scary to be seen as your true raw, wild, deep-feeling self?

Or maybe doing the “big thing” (whatever it is) feels like you’re going to die, even though you’d say it was your dream?

what if you find yourself self-sabotaging good things or quitting right before the breakthrough?

What if you keep disappointing or emptying yourself because disappointing others is just too hard?

Nobody got the parenting they needed at every moment and we all took in values or judgements or ideas about ourselves that we wouldn’t consciously choose now. Most of what was knitted into our psyche happened without our conscious choice.

And it doesn’t mean it was malicious or even wrong, it just means it will take some conscious excavation to lay it all out on the table, choose what to keep, and finally see what we’ve been carrying that doesn’t actually belong to us.

And yes, we all got stuff from our parents (this is not minimizing big-T-Trauma), but at an even wider scope, we all grew up unparented, exploited, and untrusting of larger societal forces, whether you were conscious of it or not (and even more so if you aren’t white, cis, and hetero).

Your nervous system evolved to prioritize security and centuries of your female ancestors were literally escorted from father to husband. There have been very few models of autonomy, sovereignty, and even mature adulthood for women inside a system like this.

And understanding how all of this got patterned into your personal architecture doesn’t just change you, it changes generations.

A 3-day immersive course to unravel the societal and familial ‘rules’ you’re both consciously and unconsciously abiding by, reweave your body’s connection to others, and begin creating your own life. On purpose.