Homefires Embers is a 7 week experience to spark your joy, energy, direction, and intuition through the integration of the Six Currents of the Divine Feminine.

We’ll learn
We’ll practice
We’ll gather
We’ll smolder
We’ll rise


You wake up everyday wishing you could step out of the hamster wheel…

Deep down, you know it has to be better than this: Waking up everyday feeling depleted and obligated, not enough time in the day to do all your “have-to’s” let alone those phantom “want-to’s” you vaguely remember.

If you just didn’t feel so tired all the time…
If you didn’t feel anxious and overwhelmed…
If you just felt a little more like *you*…

But you’ve tried the books, the programs, the podcasts and nothing has really helped…

That’s because you’ve been thinking the secret must be in more discipline, more thinking, more goals, better lists,  just a little more knowledge…

We are bombarded with knowledge, with stimulus, with the pressure for MORE.

The answer to all of this is IN YOU. It IS YOU. 

That feeling you’re craving? Whether it’s peace, joy, balance, purpose, fulfillment? It’s all just more of your own essence flowing through your life and your own capability to say “no,” “I need help,” “I’m important too,” “that’s too much,” “that’s good enough.”

The feeling you’re craving is your own inner voice begging for something to change, to not let more years go by feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and burnt out. 

I felt scattered and a little aimless before starting Sól. I had a hard time tuning in and focusing on my own path and story, constantly distracted by what I ‘should’ be doing, according to everyone else. After completing the program I feel rooted, grounded in wisdom and love. I am now able to access my deep inner knowing of what my ‘next right thing’ is, and I feel a peace and confidence I’ve never felt before. I feel like a force to be reckoned with.

It’s so worth it. It’s brought me back to myself in a way that feels like I’ve found my way home. Please gift yourself—and by effect, your loved ones, the world—a ‘you’ that has been through Sól. The potential for growth and healing here is just unimaginable. Make the time, show up, and surrender.

Laura R.

Sol changed my whole being. Through all the topics discussed here, I’ve learned wisdom and things I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. I’ve been able to see who I really am, where my soul lies. I’ve learned my deepest secrets that have unknowingly had a hold of me. Through meditation, tapping, journaling, and all the things Cristy so gracefully teaches, I’ve been able to release them and have more balance for myself. This class has helped me see a vision of my life, create and hold boundaries, strengthen relationships, trust myself, and be more of my true divine self. I will forever be grateful for this class. Thank you Cristy.

Do it! It’s worth the investment. Not only is it an investment to yourself, but consider it an investment for everyone in your life. You will become the best version of yourself. I promise.

Avrey H.


→ Having an entire collections of tools to calm your own nervous system and generate energy on demand

→ Transforming anger and resentment in relationships to loving clarity

→ Living from the wisdom of nature and the internal and external cycles of life

→ Feeling supported by a collective of authentic friendship, witnessing your truth and cheering your transformation

Welcome! I’m Cristy.

I believe women are leading the revolution to heal the world, but they’ve been taught their purpose lies in emptying out for others instead of filling up so much their light spills over everywhere.

I used to see myself as a supporting actress in my own life, believing only *others* had the magic to do anything important and worthwhile. 

I spent so much of my emotional and mental bandwidth thinking about my body and considered it and everything else about me as an ongoing project to be worthy of love. 

I felt like both too much and not enough ALL THE TIME. 

Through a decades-long personal growth quest, embodiment practices, mentors, coaches, courses, a consistent meditation practice, and the implementation of a feminine-centered lens to my expansion and daily living, I feel like a different person, the one I only caught glimpses of in daydreams.

I didn’t dream of circling up with women and teaching them what I’ve learned, holding space for their own transformation, but the divine voice inside me that I’ve come to know well made it clear this my current assignment and, of course, it’s brought even more confidence, clarity, and fire to my life. 

I want you to be part of the healing movement of women who generate confidence, clarity, and fire in their own.

Let me show you how.

Homefires Embers…

Is not learning another structure; it’s about settling into your natural flowing essence. It’s learning to raise the level of the river, not build stronger banks.

We do this through learning the Six Currents of the Divine Feminine, how to monitor their levels within our own being, and how to increase their animating flow in our lives.

Embers is about coming home. It’s a rekindling of YOU. It’s remembering what your own voice sounds like. It’s learning how to use it. 

For decades, the personal growth space has been dominated by male voices, shouting structures and routines, focused on efficiency, productivity, and mental shifts.

But the wisdom of the feminine is finally rising and returning. And if it’s felt like those structures don’t quite fit, it’s because they weren’t made for you and they don’t leverage the superpowers innate to your divine feminine energy.

So yes, the lessons and exercises in Homefires Embers are sequenced purposefully, but the entire experience is also cyclical; it’s communal; it’s based in integration and flow. It’s based in the idea that our bodies, minds, and souls aren’t separate. That nothing is really separate.


Each week we’ll learn the character of one of the Six Currents of the Divine Feminine through a video lesson delivered in your member portal. To deepen understanding and experiencing of each Current, you’ll have a library of writing inquiry prompts, meditations, tools, experiencing activities, and assignments. NONE OF THIS IS MANDATORY AND I NEVER CHECK HOMEWORK. You have spaciousness, support, and lifetime access.

Then we work the magic of our weekly group Circle, where you can receive personal support, mentorship, and coaching, held in the embrace of other women bravely dancing with their own shadows and the challenges of real life, while integrating their own power.

Homefires Embers

is the catalyst to feel more of YOU in your life.

▵ Weekly Curriculum, each week focused on a different Current of the Divine Feminine

▵ Embodiment Practices

▵ Inquiry Writing & Journaling

▵ Program-Specific Meditations

▵ Program-Specific Visualizations

▵ Community

▵ Group Coaching

▵ Ongoing Digital Group Platform

▵ Lifetime Access

combined in a feminine-centered approach that harnesses your innate power, radiance, sensitivity, and cyclical nature. 

Embers Schedule

Week 1:

October 24 – 30
Rhythms – internal and external cycles, daily rituals, integrating archetypes

Circle: Thursday, October 28, 7:30 pm MDT

Week 2:

October 31 – November 6
Embodiment – body-first approach, nervous system healing, archetype integration

Circle: Wednesday, November 3, 7:30 pm MDT

Week 3:

November 7 – 13
Soul Essence – pleasure, joy, and rest as fuel for more of *you* in your life

Circle: Thursday, November 11, 7:30 pm MST

Week 4:

November 14 – 20
Alchemy – transforming the totality of our emotions in the services of love, feminine energy in polarity practice

Circle: Wednesday, November 17, 7:30 pm MST

Week 5:

November 21 – 27
Sovereignty – owning our queendom, stepping into fulness, energetics of autonomy

Circle: Thursday, November 25, 7:30 pm MST

Week 6:

November 28 – December 4
Collective – healing the sister wound, rising together, leadership from within

Circle: Wednesday, December 1, 7:30 pm MST

Week 7:

December 5 – 9
Integration and Closing

Circle: Thursday, December 9, 7:30 pm MST


Ticket to Homefires Live!

Collective experiencing, delicious food, beautiful venue. Learning, feeling, growing…together. You don’t want to miss this.

Can’t make the trip? No problem. You’ll have access to the livestream to join the party.

Value: $250


Growing with a Partner

Your desire for growth and change causing some division in your partnership?

Bonus module on getting the love you want without nagging, coaching, or settling.

How to be met with more.

Value: $199


Growth in your 20s

It’s a tough decade that everyone pretends is the best and the easiest!

Bonus module on starting early, creating the life you want, standing on your own, being single, dating, making big choices.

Value: $199

I think the biggest thing was the lesson to listen to and trust my heart. Learning how to communicate effectively with who I am has allowed me to take myself closer to that person. I have been able to feel like I am acting with more integrity to myself and my heart, and approach each situation with that in mind. I have learned that there is wisdom inside of me, and I am capable of taking care of myself with love and compassion. Knowing that I can return to my heart, self, and true north has helped me navigate isolation and difficult situations. I am more aware now of how to hold relational space with someone where it is energetically productive for everyone. Also importantly, when that space is not necessary and I need to practice boundaries to protect my heart. Learning what to take on as mine or a part of me has been a game changer.

It is a transformative and powerful program. Cristy drops keys throughout the weeks that let you better get to know who you are at your core, find integrity in her and give her a voice. It helps you shift your perception of your surroundings toward grace and patience as you develop tools to stand in confidence. Each week tackles a different topic, but they are expertly linked together and each will provide you with at least a few nuggets that you can utilize in your day to day. Cristy holds space for all of the things that you might dredge up and helps you alchemize them into something that can be full of light. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s that simple.

Nicole S.

This is a story about someone I know.

Well, someones I know.

She didn’t think it would be like this.

The never-ending low buzz of anxiety. The never-ending to-do list. The never-ending whisper of “is this really it?”

She feels like this was fine five years ago. It wasn’t so bad. She was just trying to stay afloat, figure things out.

But now it seems like things are nearly at a fever pitch. She feels crazy, like she can’t just shove it down anymore.
“Am I going to keep doing this, keep feeling like this forever?”
“When is it my turn? I feel like I’m giving all the time. There’s no room to even think about what I want.”
“I’m so tired. I don’t have the energy to live any differently than I am right now.”

And she’s right. The whole world is pretty much engineered to keep you unsettled and unfocused and exhausted–from the technology on your phone to the pressure that says your only worth comes from what you produce or what you achieve.

And the thing is, there are probably a lot of people who depend on you. Whether in your home or your workplace, recent data says women do overwhelmingly more emotional labor than men, generally speaking. From making dentist appointments to cuddling sick kids, to planning birthday parties at the office. Chances are, you have a lot on your shoulders all the time.

Chances are, you don’t even know where to start with making a change. You don’t even have the energy to think about it. Seems too hard. The familiar might not be so bad… Maybe somebody needs to sacrifice…

But the truth is, your voice, your journey, your soul, your growth, your expansion, your joy matters just as much as everybody else’s and might just be your primary responsibility in this lifetime.

And the best part is, when you decide to start listening to those voices, to choosing yourself, your people will get MORE of you. The real you. The one who knows what’s important to her, who knows how to say no to what isn’t for her. The you who just isn’t available for cyclical arguments and overgiving and feeling like this life just accidentally happened to her.

I want to invite you back to your own power. The strength, fire, creativity, joy that is your true nature and your divine birthright.

We do it by decided to step out of the wounded paradigms that convince us we should always be giving, doing, producing MORE. We do it by understanding our innate strengths as Divine Feminine beings and how to channel the flow of that energy more into our own lives and what we are called to create.

And we do it TOGETHER. In the sisterhood, in the collective that we were always meant to thrive in.

You CAN be powerful and compassionate. You CAN serve and say no. You CAN nurture and actually enjoy your OWN life. You CAN weather the discomfort of asking for more in your relationships and see the request as the opportunity for mutual growth.

And I want to midwife and mentor that soul re-emergence for you.

Homefires Embers is open and begins on Sunday.

It’s not free. (You can watch Re-Igntion, the 3 day jumpstart free experience for some of my most transformative teachings and then come back!)

I could tell you about the testimonials from women in my programs. I could tell you about the money-back guarantee. I could tell you that even deciding that you not spending more years of your life feeling like a shell of who you hoped to be, and then making the investment will change your life.

But what I really want to say is your choice to join is a choice for women everywhere to do things differently. We tell ourselves we can hold it all and should be able to hold more, but imagine what you’d say to your daughter, your best friend….

I know what you’d say because I spend my life with your goodness, your desire for more love in all its forms.

You’d say, “That’s a lot, honey. You deserve to feel better.”

So decide on more fire, light, and love in your life. Learn how to channel it. Learn how to be it. You’ll find it’s been there all along, you just needed to find the way back.

You might think, “I don’t have time for one more thing. Especially if it’s for myself.”

That’s a pretty good indication this is the place to start.

See you inside.

Throughout the last 3 months I have been able to be so much more relaxed and kinder to myself. I am more aware of what is truly valuable in my life. I give myself grace and I have been able to discover that my value is not in what I accomplish or what I do, but it is always in me because I am a human being. I have been able to recognize thought patterns that do not serve me and I am more in tune with my body- I recognize where in my body I hold tenseness and how it coincides with what I am feeling. I now have TOOLS to release these feelings and physical symptoms!

Homefires Sol is coming home to yourself. It is a safe space to dig in, find the things that are holding you back without you even knowing it, and sift and rearrange until you can shine as your very brightest self. It is a gift to yourself, to your family, to everyone you come in contact with because it allows you to have your own back and be your most radiant self. Sol is hard, transforming spiritual work. It is a commitment to yourself that will pay off time and time again.

Jessica R.

It’s impossible to change something you don’t know much about. I always thought I was so self aware, but through my work with Homefires Sol, I’ve discovered new depths and truths to myself. At first, it was scary! It was scary to realize how clumsy I was. I started on this journey of self discovery and self healing, and really didn’t know what would be required of me. I was scared. I was so scared to be powerful, and authentic, and happy because that requires me to be honest and willing and brave. There were many times during Sol that I felt so understood by Cristy and by the incredible women in my group. I learned what it sounded like to say the things I was afraid to say and to have those things received and nourished by other women. Twelve weeks ago, I was angry and resentful (although I didn’t realize I was), I was afraid, and I was playing small because I thought that if I were to be truly authentic, I would be considered “difficult,” or unloveable. Now, I know how to feel my inner self. I can close my eyes and return to myself. I can balance my energy to better serve me. And when I struggle, when life gets hard, or I get confused (because of course that still happens) I know where to begin to start healing. I know how to identify what I need to reset. I know myself and I TRUST myself!! What an incredible gift! I’m so excited that I’m just starting out on this journey because I know that it means there is so much more goodness ahead of me.

I was unsure if I could commit to the program at first, but I kept feeling a prompting to dive in. I’m so glad I did! I attribute so much of the goodness I’ve experienced this year (and last year as well with Cristy’s beta programs) to Homefires Sol. It’s worth the investment in yourself. It’s worth the nerves and the tears and the stretching because you will come out more assured in your sovereignty and more able to exercise it. It’s not just theory/journalling/thinking – Cristy is the queen of embodiment and she gives such great insights into how you can start becoming who you are meant to be, who you want to be, who you ARE, now! You can do/be/feel/ it all right now! There’s no more need to wait!

Mackenzie M.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure this is for me? What kind of guarantee do you offer?

I am so confident in the work of Sól to midwife you through the transformation you’re looking for that I literally offer a full money-back guarantee. If at the END of our four months together, you can show evidence of having done the work and participated in all the group calls and you don’t feel it was worth your money, I’ll refund all of it. All of it. You won’t find that kind of policy very often 🙂

I already have a lot of my own spiritual beliefs and practices or am a practicing member of my faith. Is this still for me?

Absolutely! Part of this program is about identifying all the good things in your life that are ALREADY working for you. One of the flaws of a lot of traditional advice is there aren’t really one-size-fits-all solutions that works for everyone. Sól is about remembering that when you are tapped in, you are the authority for YOU. Bring all of it. Keep what works for you. Add more tools to your tool belt to help you live as close to the bone as you can.

I’m very new to any spirituality or even personal work. Is this for me?

There are no prerequisite here for a reason. Come as you are. We respect everyone’s background, beliefs, and stories. We will talk about connection and divinity, but that can mean whatever you want it to mean for you. We create this experience together. You have wisdom to share and wisdom to gain, no matter where you feel you are on your journey.

I’m not sure I can afford it. I don’t know what to do.

We do our best to make all Homefires programs accessible. That said, the financial commitment is intentional. I have done programs at thousands of dollars and I have done programs at $27. Which do you think I showed up to? Which do you think changed me? 

We invest all the time in conveniences, things that will make our lives easier, change how we feel. We invest in fun, we invest in stuff, all to chase feelings. None of this is bad. But how much have you invested in the work that will change how you feel in your life all the time? How much have you invested in how the generations following you will feel? 

I’ve spent money on my space, on my skin, on sports equipment all because really, when you get right down to it, I thought it would help me be a higher version of myself. Do you know what has really made the biggest change? Work like this. Hands down. What could you give up to make it happen?

What’s the time commitment like? I don’t think I have time for one more thing.

Realistically, the time commitment is a 2-3 hours per week, mostly spread out over the course of it. We also have a few integration weeks built in so you have time to catch up if needed. You could do it in two hours per week; you could take six hours journaling and meditating; it’s really up to you.

However, one of the common pieces of feedback is that Sól actually gave participants MORE time because they learned how to manage their energy in such a refined way and identified what was draining their time and energy and where they were overcommitting to things that weren’t really in alignment. The clarity you’ll get to will open up more time and energy for the things that are actually a priority in your life instead of feeling like you spend all your time on what you HAVE to do

Can I just do the course without the Circle calls? I’m kind of introverted and I’m not sure they’re for me.

I mean, sure. But you’d be missing out on major coaching and connection. There is no requirement to share. You can just come and listen and absorb. No pressure. You can just hold space and support other women. You can learn to be supported. You can experience the power of an intimate community and friendship based on love, expansion, and growth. It’s pure magic. Women heal in community. It’s hormonal. It’s biological. You will learn from the experience and coaching of others; they will learn from you. It’s a component of the experience for very deliberate reason. It’s small and unscalable, but I don’t see myself giving it up. The group keeps you on track. The group loves you even when you’re not. I wish every woman in the world could experience a group like this. 

I’m not sure if it’s the right time. Maybe next round?

I want you to just stop for a second and think about how much of your life you are applying this “next time” energy too. How many dreams, desires, even ways of being are you putting off until “after,” “later,” “next time?” How much progress are you making on them? What if “next time” is actually a worse time for you? How much of your well-being will you sacrifice by then? What if there is no “next time?” 

Do not make this decision out of fear. I am not trying to scare you into commitment. But don’t make it out of the fear of actually committing to your life either! There could be so much waiting for you on the other side. 

If you feel the call, let’s find a way.

What would it be worth to you to change generational patterns of hustling for worth and overextending? What could you sacrifice to find the fullest expression of your soul?

Please complete the intake form to join the Embers Waitlist.