It’s already inside. You’re already home.

You have a divine fire inside of you, burning at varying degrees of intensity throughout your whole life.

This fire can burn white hot with joy, vitality, and love. Through daily practices and spiritual tools, you can remove the dampers that dim your light and cultivate this flame, stoking and nurturing it to its highest evolution.

The truth of who you are is dazzling, brilliant, alive, and divine.

Come home.


Homefires community

Looking for a place to connect over the desire for happiness, peace, and genuine empathy instead of small talk and common complaints? 


Join the free Homefires Community where we share space for growth, support, conversation, and helpful resources. I’ll keep you in the loop with updates and programs too. It’s kind of like a Facebook group with people that light you up, but without the, you know…Facebook 🙂



“Since doing Homefires, I’ve felt more connected to myself and more in control of my thoughts. I’ve felt empowered to “do the work” and to be more gentle with where I am. I feel inspired to keep learning and improving and excited to grow and gain further confidence and peace. I liked that the activities were short enough to be feasible but had SO much potential do dive deeper into a subject that I needed. Finding peace and confidence is worth the investment and it does take investment. Cristy is such a gentle and light giving guide and it was such a positive experience for me!”

Mackenzie M.

“This growth stuff has been really hurting a lot lately, but in all good ways. Like wobbly-baby-dear legs-after-a-challenging-workout kinda hurt. Pulling apart to build better kinda ways. When I said Homefires had thrown rocks through the windows of my soul I realized I was living in a place with windows, when in reality I want to live in an open hut on a beach. No walls, no glass, just open air. It’s been stuffy in here for too long. So thank you for helping me pack up and move, even if I’m not loving the work all the time it feels hopeful and good. Things I haven’t felt much of in a long time. Thank you Cristy! Thank you!”

Becky B.

Looking for real change? Has knowing something needs to be different been weighing on you but you just didn’t know where to start? Homefires Intensive is 5 weeks that will change your life. Sound like a big promise? Keep reading 🙂

Homefires Intensive


This is where the magic happens. I’m not really exaggerating here with the term “magic.” You want to reinvigorate your life, come back to the truth of who you are, rediscover your spark, remember what you really want, and rocket launch yourself back to enthusiasm and alignment? 

This is the program; this is the platform; this is the playbook.

This is where the magic happens.



A 5 week experience 
begin anytime, go at your own pace


Week 1: Divinity – connecting inside and outside, recognizing and leaning into your divine blueprint

Week 2: Vision – desires clarification, envisioning your highest self and what to do with it

Week 3: Embodiment – the temple you live in, body cooperation and grounding the vision

Week 4: Compassion + Connection – relationships, mirrors, building community, love and other people

Week 5: Integration – deeper diving, solidifying practices, ongoing plans



Progressive daily activities (meditations, readings, journaling prompts, practices, inquiry, physical tasks) 5x/week via text, video, audio; 2 flex days per week for deeper diving and ‘catch up’

Community platform app for questions, discussion, support




“I’ve grown up with her and, for the last four weeks, I’ve grown because of her. This girl is on fire. And she’s been helping me and others tend our own fires. She’s helped us tend our own fires so they burn with purpose, connection, enlightenment and love.
“I can’t even express how transformational this time under Cristy’s guidance has been. It’s been cleansing to my soul. I feel restored. I’ve been digging deep for the past handful of years, but Cristy helped me dig even deeper. And her guided meditations? Life-giving. Absolutely life-giving.”
– Jacquie F.

Homefires Intensive is for you if:

  • You feel like you’ve lost touch with the essence of who you are
  • You’re looking to reignite your enthusiasm and fire for life
  • You are interested in digging into how your life could feel more fulfiling and true to you 
  • You’ve tried to make behavioral changes before and they just didn’t stick. You suspected there was something underneath the action level. 
  • You are tired of conversations that just hit the surface level and would like to connect with others on a deeper, more authentic level 
  • Most importantly, ultimately, if you felt something here. If you felt like there may be something here for you, listen to that. That’s the whole point anyway.

*Homefires Intensive is not for you if:

  • You are not interested in spending time growing, expanding, and rediscoving yourself.
  • You are unable to offer empathy and space to others without agenda
  • You are uninterested in looking outside what you’re currently doing in your life

Join Homefires Intensive



*You may first need to become a member of the Free Homefires Community before purchasing. Don’t worry, you’ll want to be in there too!

**If you have used the Mighty Networks iOS app, please note, you will not be able to purchase through here. You must use a web browser or computer to purchase.

***If you are experiencing financial hardship that is prohibitive to you following your soul to Homefires Intensive, please reach out. We can figure something out together.

Years ago I decided to believe that I was here for joy, even though that wasn’t anything like the experience I was currently having.  The quest for peace, joy, fulfillment, confidence, and love became the project of a decade and one I feel drawn to share now.

If you’ve ever felt like life should be more, or suspected that feeling insecure, anxious, fearful, unremarkable, or unimportant isn’t all there is, you are totally right.

You have unique core of infinite potential for feeling how you want to feel and showing up how you wish you could in the world.

I’d love to share what I’ve found in the last decade of my life about how to access that core and hold space for you as you kindle your own flame and share light with this community.

“Truly it gave me the gentle reminder of all that I am. It gave me structure and direction to learn and truly tune in to what I want, need, don’t want, and don’t need, and new discoveries within those. It helped bring self awareness and redirect thoughts. It has improved my interactions with my family and loved ones and also my own self talk and mental conversations. It has allowed me to welcome in peace that I was seeking in a calm consistent manner. It also has inspired me to take action in a variety of areas in my life which I’ve been thinking about and stuck in. Cristy is a beautiful guide with so much knowledge and experience to share and helped me find my way back home within! It has been such a treasure of an experience. So much gratitude.”

Naomi W.

“We are here to wake up to who and what we are.

I like to call it Earth School.”

-Byron Katie


What if I already have a spiritual practice?

That’s amazing! The work we do together could be in addition to your current practices or you might find ways to incorporate them together. You are your own highest authority here. I urge you to filter everything we do and discuss through your own belief system after approaching it with curiosity and openness. Not everything will resonate with everybody. You might try something once and decide it isn’t for you. That’s not just okay, that’s perfect. I do not want your spiritual/morning practice to look like mine; I want it to look like yours. The biggest benefit of all the courses I’ve taken is having a larger arsenal of tools and practices at my disposal so everyday I can give my body, mind, and spirit what they need. You always have the highest authority.

What if I already have a spiritual belief system or religion?

Great! I want to help you take your practice and connection deeper, not necessarily in a different direction. You’re already used to incorporating God into your life. That’s awesome. You might use different terms or definitions than I use or someone else in the group uses. That’s just fine. Just reframe however feels comfortable to you. God, Source, Spirit, Universe, Creator, Higher Power, Divine Energy—translate it to the language your soul currently speaks.

There is no agenda to conversion to a particular system here from either me or from other group members. We will abide with each other in empathy, compassion, support, and understanding. If this tenet would be impossible for you, this might not be a good time to be part of the community.

What if I have no spiritual beliefs?

Firstly, I would ask you if this is really true. I would have a hard time believing you were drawn here simply believing the universe is all chance, science, and insentience. Maybe this can work for you; I don’t know, honestly. If you at least have a suspicion there is a Divine force animating the world, I think we can get along just fine. The idea of spiritual beliefs is very separate from religion here though. Where you reside in your religious practices and affiliations is deeply your own business. There is no requirement either way here.

How much time will this take?

This program is designed to enhance your daily personal and spiritual practices. You could binge once and week and catch up, but it’s designed to take 10-20 minutes per day. Content and activities will be delivered 5/7 days per week. The other 2 days per week are left open to give you a little bit of grace room if you miss a day here and there or to duplicate or go deeper into other practices through the week that really resonated with you.

What if I get behind in the lessons and practices?

Then you have the always important opportunity to forgive yourself and begin again, to decide if your soul wants you to “catch up” or just start where you are. You get to have a “holy instant” as A Course in Miracles calls it—a moment where you can decide to feel and act differently, a miracle.

Why you?

I don’t know. I have been walking this path with the greatest dedication. I have invested the bulk of my time and resources into figuring it out. I feel deeply called to begin sharing, facilitating, and teaching. My practice has always been to develop more trust in myself, the voice of my soul, and my connection to God. This is me walking my talk.

I’m not sure I’m this kind of person…

Your soul led you here for a reason. In that I have deep faith. Your ego/human mind may urge you to doubt the divinity and power inside of you; it may want to keep you small and seemingly safe. It may tell you that your absolute averageness is the truth of who you are. That’s the lie. The spark, the inkling, the draw upward and outward, the slight magnetism to the idea that there could be a better way to live, a better, happier, more confidence, more peaceful you—that is the truth. You are the kind of person created for greatness. You are the main character. You are the hero. You can trust yourself and you can choose your journey.

Do I need any special technology?

A smart phone should do the trick! We’ll be using Zoom (an online videoconferencing platform that is free to download) and a community app that is also free to download. An internet connection will get you everything you need.

Anything else?

I am happy to answer any other questions via email, phone, DM, or text! As we are all in beta, I haven’t gathered all the questions that might come up. If you don’t have my full contact info, feel free to use one of those channels to request something another one.