Chances are, you’re a soft place to land as a friend, mother, sister, daughter, leader, teacher, and general good-seeking human on the planet.
Chances are, you are also acutely aware of all the pain, destruction, inequality, and fear on earth, ready for renovation and re-creation.
Chances are, your own heart is asking for a place to rest, to be replenished, to be refueled by love to carry on.

To speak the truth of your heart?

To be loved even in your silence or struggle?

To truly celebrate your joy without repercussion?

A place for guidance without agenda, to clear the noise and hear what you already desire, listen to what you already know?

Help to unlayer the interference and reveal your own wisdom?

But just living feels like a lot right now and
too much to hold on your own sometimes…

First of all, let me say, 

“Of course.”
“You’re not alone.”
“We weren’t meant to live like this.”

I see you. You love people. Hard.

You’ve worked hard to be better at loving, at living.
Podcasts, morning practices, meditations, therapy, books…even tangoing with the realizations that the patterns in your dating life or the relationship with your mother-in-law just might have a lot to teach you about you.

And people can feel it.

You’re a soft place to land, the empathetic phone call of choice for friends and siblings, maybe even your mom. You listen with an open heart to the stories of students and coworkers, clients and your kids. 

You might even be trying to hold it all together for everybody… 

So your partner doesn’t get more stressed and snap at the kids,

Your brother and sister don’t fight and stomp out on holidays,

Your parents don’t feel disappointed as you step through an adulthood with different values than they had.

It feels like there should be a place for you to speak it all.

Unburden and unwind. Unravel if needed.

A place peopled with love and non-judgement, wisdom and support.

The grandmother you longed for, a lap of unconditional acceptance.

More voices that say: “Me too. Curl up and rest awhile. Let’s look at this together.” 

Am I right?

You know this isn’t quite it on so many levels.
There are too many horrible things in the world; you want everyone to be taken care of; the oceans are warming; bees are dying; there are entire groups and demographics disadvantaged by race and geography and sexuality and income. 

But gas and food prices are high and people are so divided and institutions you used to trust don’t seem to have the answers you once thought they did. 

Solutions seem further away than ever and just hustling to solve the problems at your home address and keep the laundry in check feels overwhelming so how are you supposed to even think about what to do about war and refugees and fossil fuel dependence and economic redistribution?

But you really do care. And you truly believe we are usually the ones we’ve been waiting for.

But it seems like you have less space and energy and resilience than ever.

Um yes. Of course.

Let me explain…

Think of the lions your mind has seen on the horizon—the air raid sirens and flashing neon warnings your system has been bombarded with nearly constantly over the last couple years.

(And we’re not even touching on the ancestral and systemic predispositions toward looking out for danger you may have inherited.)

🍄 An incoming global pandemic where nobody really knew the probable severity of impact on our species

🍄 An abrupt rearrangement of school, childcare, household burden, hopes and plans and dreams

🍄 Job and income loss, financial insecurity

🍄 Fear of death and infection of self and loved ones

🍄 Grief over death, damaged relationships, divorce, and dissolution of plans, goals, and how things were “supposed” to go

🍄 The change from in-person, physical interactions to virtual, screen-based ones (more on this later)

🍄 An explosion of even faster-paced digital consumption

🍄 More sedentary, device-based time

🍄 A radically polarized society—constant evaluation of who is on “your side” or “their side” in COVID response, politics, policing, anti-racism, religion

🍄 Deep divides in family and support system over similar issues

🍄 Inflation

🍄 Supply chain issues, food and fuel prices, recession, possible job loss, increased literal concern over meeting basic survival needs

🍄 In many ways, more and more loneliness

And to top it off…

Now, more than ever, we are acutely aware of what is NOT working on our planet. Which is great! Except…


And THEN…even if you do have a joyful dream-come-true childbirth overnight success love-of-your-life moment OR even remember and experience that life is still beautiful and simple and exhilarating and wondrous even in small moments, it sometimes feels weird and wrong and selfish to share when so many are going through so much!

Oh honey…

Here’s the thing, in all sincerity, I don’t want to add to voices saying it’s all terrible, nothing can be done, the end is nigh, because I really, truly, don’t believe that.

I only lay it all out there because in so many sacred conversations with women, I’ve heard a variation of, “I don’t know why I feel like this all the time. I don’t know why everything feels so hard.”

And I say, “Oh honey…(I don’t really say that in real life)

“Oh honey…of course it does.”

And yet…

In the midst of all of it, I’m still innately an agathist

(I borrowed this from Cheryl Strayed; it means one who believes that the ultimate end of all things is good, although the intermediate means may be evil).

We are at a juncture of possible repair, of bringing the medicine of maturity and the elixir of remaining rooted while tolerating difference. 

I think we’re the ones, whether the scale is Thanksgiving dinner or City Hall. We’re the ones who can rebuild community, round up support, embody the transformation that dismantles hierarchy and disadvantage and fiercely commits to bringing everyone along.

But we can’t do it if there’s no place to land. We can’t do it if we’re stretched out, wound up, afraid, and unrooted.

We can’t do it alone.

women have circled in caves, forests, and tents to witness, support, and shepherd each other through transition and hardship, ritual and celebration, grief and joy.

Maturing, motherhood, moving through the phases of womanhood, even household responsibilities were never meant to be undertaken alone. 

Our ancestors gathered in red tents to bleed, around fires to cook, at wells to discuss, and in villages to hear and care for each other in both the mundane and the tragic. They celebrated puberty and the blooming of spring marking survival through another winter. 


Just as mythical Persephone was ushered by the crone-witch Hecate on her journey through the underworld from Daughter to Queen, so were we meant to walk through our own Heroine’s Journey with wisdom and support.

The Village is a place for all of it.
Let me tell you about it.

“I was so scared to be powerful, and authentic, and happy because that requires me to be honest and willing and brave. There were many times during Sól Circles that I felt so understood by Cristy and by the incredible women in my group. I learned what it sounded like to say the things I was afraid to say and to have those things received and nourished by other women.

so what is

The Village is the magical ecosystem of honesty, support, and guidance. It’s the sacred circle of friends you’ve dreamed you had around you…

Not to mention having a coach to help you unravel and re-story what’s keeping you stuck and stressed in your actual real life.

Nestle your roots into a system of support for six months. Twice monthly, you’ll meet at the well with your circle of 8 to share, unpack, and renourish.

Not only will you replenish in the healthy, biodiverse system you were always meant to have, but you’ll have me (Cristy!) in every call to coach and help and hold at a far more accessible investment than the cost of individual sessions.

Once per month, we’ll have a whole community class on a topic arising for many members and we’ll begin with a Village Meeting to attend to any logistics in member-led clubs and groups and to source and offer support and collaboration.

Emotional over a hard conversation with a parent? Wondering if good relationships even exist? Quickly scan through a library of guided nervous system and energetic tools to calm down, connect, amp up, move anger, or connect to intuition and find exactly what you need to support yourself in the moment.

Between live sessions and circles, connect through a non-Facebook (we’re skipping the dysregulation 😉 digital platform to ask, find, or support fellow members.

Beloved community, wild kinship, feminine leadership, a mycelial network of reciprocal belonging.

This is The Village.

Choose the package and pricing tier that best fits your desires and circumstances.

You’ll find a variety of packages with the option to build in regular, discounted individual support. There are no penalties for paying monthly, but a bonus for paying the entire six months in full. You’ll also find accessibility pricing, which allows you to self-determine your available resources. There is no difference in content between these pricing tiers. You are sincerely trusted. Select your arrangement and enter your credit card in the payment portal.

You’ll immediately step into The main Village and request your preferred circle time

Once inside, you’ll fill out a form to request a Circle time and also tell us about your interests and desires so we can create an experience that best serves You! With a mix of daytime and evening Circles, we’ll try to make it an easy fit in your life. The Village enrolls on a rolling basis so circle options will fluctuate. Best Efforts will be made to accommodate requests, keep groups together as long as possible, and keep numbers balances between circles so they stay close to eight members. You have immediate access to the library and content.

**Currently enrolling for Wednesdays 10:30 am mdt or 7:30 pm mdt

You’ll begin with your circle in the very next meeting. Don’t worry; we’ve been waiting for you!

We’ll try to keep circle members with similar start dates together so you spend most of your six months together. You’ll meet everyone in your first circle and make yourself right at home. Don’t worry, there’s no pressure to talk right away, or ever! But there will be time for you right away. after six months, you can choose to stay for another six or we’ll send you on with love.

The Village is meant to be an oasis in the desert. We acknowledge the very real financial and systemic barriers than can impact accessing support. Please carefully consider descriptors below and select the option suitable to your situation.
**Though we do stand for reciprocity, Do not choose enrollment over your basic needs like food and rent. If this is your situation, please reach out to to inquire about scholarships.

*The Village Circles are currently enrolling for Wednesdays 10:30 am mdt and 7:30 pm MDT

Some reasons you might choose this option:

  • You have large amounts of consumer debt
  • You stress about buying food, paying rent, affording gas
  • You’ve had less opportunities personally or generationally because of racism, bias against sexual orientation, disability, systemic oppression
  • Spending money on yourself causes large rifts in your marriage and you have lack of access to your own finances
  • Unemployment or job instability
  • Financially supporting others in your family or community

*Pay in full includes a bonus 60 minute individual session ($400 value)

Please note the pay in full option will be displayed in Canadian dollars on the checkout page.

Some reasons you might choose this option:

  • You have some debt, but it doesn’t hugely affect your ability to meet your needs

  • You are reliably employed

  • You may have access to some savings or investments

  • You’re able to spend money on recreation and some travel or vacations, when they are planned out and budgeted

  • You are confident in providing groceries and necessities for yourself and your family from week to week

*Pay in full includes a bonus 60 minute individual session ($400 value)

Please note the pay in full option will be displayed in Canadian dollars on the checkout page.

Some reasons you might choose this option:

  • You may have debt to build further equity (such as land or additional properties) and personal wealth, but it does not affect your ability to meet your needs
  • You can easily meet all of your needs (such as food, rent, transportation, etc)

  • You have been supported by additional financial resources/help (savings, family, inheritance, investments, considerable spousal income, etc)

  • You are able to easily travel + take vacations as you wish

  • Your income is bonus in a two-income household

  • You have disposable income

  • You feel financially stable, even in economic instability

  • Your contribution facilitates accessible pricing options
*Interested in providing even more scholarship opportunity within The Village? Contact

*Pay in full includes a bonus 60 minute individual session ($400 value)

Please note the pay in full option will be displayed in Canadian dollars on the checkout page.

*Pay in full includes a bonus 60 minute individual session ($400 value)

Please note the pay in full option will be displayed in Canadian dollars on the checkout page.

*Pay in full includes a bonus 60 minute individual session ($400 value)

Please note the pay in full option will be displayed in Canadian dollars on the checkout page.

*Pay in full includes a bonus 60 minute individual session ($400 value)

Please note the pay in full option will be displayed in Canadian dollars on the checkout page.


*Custom packages can be created with more individual sessions at a discounted rate from regular pricing outside The Village.

Becoming a member of The Village and adding additional individual support combines the consistency and community of group coaching with the gateway to deep personal transformation of individual sessions. These packages contain individual sessions at a discounted rate from the general public or even from regular Village members who can book at 60 minute session anytime for $275 USD.

*Pay in full includes a bonus 60 minute individual session ($400 value)

*Pay in full includes a bonus 60 minute individual session ($400 value)

You can find out more about my coaching pillars, Voxer coaching, client experiences, and general package investments here:

**Please note, all effort is made toward transparency and accessibility. As such, all enrollments are for a minimum of 6 months, at which time you have the option to complete or re-enroll. No refunds will be issued.

**Not sure which option is right for you? Send Cristy a DM on Instagram and we’ll talk it out!

Working with Cristy in her 1:1 sessions is a quick way to go from feeling like the wheels are falling off the bus to back on track.   I always feel very seen, heard and held no matter the topic.  She is masterful in loving you through vulnerable issues and guiding you to a solution you already held within but couldn’t yet see.  Cristy has been an important guide in my life, and I would recommend her to anyone needing to spark their fire or move out of overwhelm and into empowerment. 

Can I throw in some

For my new best friends?

Total Bonus Content Value: Over $4000

Click on the above images to find out more.
Daughter Elixir alumni can apply their tuition cost to The Village.

Your place inside an intimate, consistent circle with biweekly
intimite coaching with Cristy to hold, love, and guide in authenticity

A library of nervous system tools, practices, and meditations
to support your peace and mobilization

Monthly whole community workshops and guest teachers
Member-led grassroots circles and organizations

a steady, six month ecosystem

Hi Lighthouse, I’m Cristy

So much of the journey of coming home to myself has been lit by other women loving me through it.

After decades and formal training (and university-level teaching!) of creating community and holding space for groups, I honed in on creating programs and Circles for women two years ago.

The depth and intimacy of these spaces has been unparalleled. I hear over and over again, “I don’t have anywhere else to talk about this stuff;” “I don’t have anyone else I can talk to like this.” 

Until this point, this kind of community was only available inside my sequential programs, but as I started to think about what women REALLY need right now and where my gifts could TRULY best serve, The Village was born.

Regardless of where you are on your path, if you are looking for a curriculum or not, we all need brave space, guidance, and the kind of horizontal conversations that release the pressure, offer wisdom, allow us to be seen and loved in all textures of ourselves. 

I have been fortunate enough to have places and people like this, both paid and unpaid. I credit so much of my peace and progress to this blessing. I want you to have it too. 

Welcome to The Village.


A Village Builder is capable of creating true belonging wherever she is, emanating a grounded wisdom borne of the integration and integrity work required to belong to herself.

She is urgently engaged in reconstructing exploitation and hierarchy in all iterations into kinship and reciprocity.

She opposes extraction:
of others, the Earth, and even, radically, herself.

She de-prioritizes discomfort (both others’ and her own) in favor of transformation. She untangles truth from expectation and reweaves her own ethic in right relationship.

She doesn’t ignore the difficulty and despair in the world; she equips herself to be with it all and act whenever possible.

She knows this responsibility requires her to be resourced and so she insists on her own replenishment with Mother Earth and in beloved community where every sincere voice and expression is not only accepted, but celebrated.


“I’m worried I’m too busy already. How much time will this take?”

If you’re already feeling maxed out, The Village is absolutely for you (and you probably need it even more)!

The Village is a gentle offering, a place to go for your body, mind, and soul to be attended to; a place to replenish so you can continue to do your work in the world and support all the people who depend on you. 

We encourage you to reallllly think about what is making you so busy. How much of it fills you up, regenerates you? Where is your place of restoration? Need to combine a class and a walk in nature? Great. The only time you have is while you’re nursing your baby? Awesome. 

The Village is a place of inhale. None of us can be exhaling (outputting) all the time. Come and breathe with us. 


Coaching and therapy are complementary but not synonymous practices. This experience is trauma-aware and an expansion of tools to optimize your energetic, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. However, if you are most acutely working with mental illness, deeply unhealthy patterns, or serious trauma, you may be served best by working with a therapist at this time. If your life is “fine” now but you want better than fine, this is a great place for you.

“I am a teacher/coach/facilitator/practitioner. Is this the place for me?”

If you are infusing your work, your spirit, your energy out into the world, you especially need a place to drop in and be held yourself. Many of our members are doing their own work in the world and starting or running a business. 

Often when we are teachers ourselves, we are undertaking programs or courses to deepen our own skill or practice. Homefires Collective provides some of that as well, but also a gentler container and the opportunity to attend diverse offerings that you maybe wouldn’t take an entire six month course on. 

Regardless of the subject matter, you are always held by loving guides intent on fostering authentic connection and holding space for real conversation which can be a different balm of respite and healing than other containers.


“Is The Village only for younger, mothers, single, older, straight, etc women? I’m not sure I fit the mold.”

Not sure you fit the mold? Perfect. We want you. The Village is dedicated to a vision of celebrating and affirming difference, of bringing vastly different voices into circle, into healing by truly listening and learning from each other.

As women, our isolation from well community, our silos of sameness have perpetuated harm, lack of support, and a thirst for the medicine of sitting in circle to learn from each other.

Worried you’re too old, too young, too queer, too straight, have too many kids, too few? Yes. Please.

Wondering if there will be anyone with your experience, your cultural background, your skin color, your religion, your age, your profession? There might not be. Yet. You may get to be the first.

Questions about your particular situation? Reach out to and let us know what you need to join us.


“Is The Village only for female-born/cis-gender women?”

No. The Village is a space for all womxn-identified humans including transgender women. There is often a focus on the restoration of the Feminine principle, but it is an energy present within all humans and we choose to emphasize the possibilities for all humans and societies when we heal and bring it into balance.

The experience of humans socialized as female or assigned female at birth will generally be centered within The Village, but we invite the voices and of all women and femmes, no matter their gender assignment at birth, and the gift our diverse experiences can be to each other.

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