The classes, containers, experiences to integrate your past and rise as creatress of your life, relationships, and a better world.

Here are the current portals I offer. All offerings include lifetime access. Some are open and available all the time, but I do run promotions on occasion.

Students of self-led courses are welcome to join any future live rounds + upgrades of that course.

Cohort-based experiences are open as indicated.

Metamorphosis (1:1 coaching + mentorship) may be enrolling via waitlist.


Sól – Descend, Shed, Re-create
COHORT (limited to 10) 

Bloom – Unfurl in love & life
Opening in early 2023

self-led courses and immersions

Intimate 1:1 Mentorship + bespoke curricular support + deep transformation

This is for the soul who knows it’s time.

A teacher and mentor for decades, I help you release patterns of smallness, settling, and stuckness to intentionally create your life and relationships. 

Instead of repeating what has been handed to you and looking to partners, parents, culture for decisions and possibility, we work together to recognize and clear what isn’t true to you and identify and develop loyalty toward the voice of your own soul.

In the portal of your Heroine’s Journey and the gestation of your growth and desires, I serve as midwife to your rebirth—a wise and educated voice to guide your procession, bring perspective to your unfolding, and be with you in the pain before the ecstasy. 

And then we co-celebrate the genesis of what you have created.

On purpose.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned was the lesson to listen to and trust my heart. Learning how to communicate effectively with who I am has allowed me to take myself closer to that person. I have been able to feel like I am acting with more integrity to myself and my heart, and approach each situation with that in mind.

“I have learned that there is wisdom inside of me, and I am capable of taking care of myself with love and compassion. Knowing that I can return to my heart, self, and true north has helped me navigate isolation and difficult situations. I am more aware now of how to hold relational space with someone where it is energetically productive for everyone. Also importantly, when that space is not necessary and I need to practice boundaries to protect my heart. Learning what to take on as mine or a part of me has been a game changer.

“Cristy drops keys that let you better get to know who you are at your core, find integrity in her and give her a voice. It helps you shift your perception of your surroundings toward grace and patience as you develop tools to stand in confidence.

“Cristy holds space for all of the things that you might dredge up and helps you alchemize them into something that can be full of light. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s that simple.”


meditation albums

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