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PLUS how to land on a price that's a 'yes' for BOTH you and your people and why your pricing might be tanking your sales and keeping your revenue stuck.

AND a special bonus Canva template: THE ONLY PROPOSAL TEMPLATE YOU'LL EVER NEED!

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An ick-free process for sales calls that feel fun, aligned, and convert your dream clients like crazy!

The fact is...

Sales are  the
of your business...


AND if you dread discovery calls, saying your price out loud, asking people to pay you, or feel like you should be giving everybody a 'deal', your business will never be the healthy, vibrant, and sustaining creation you envision.

BUT pushy, high pressure tactics, manipulation, out-of-touch rates, and all the pain points you're "supposed" to push on don't seem like a better alternative.

So is there a better way?

to more paid invoices, more clients who send you text messages that sound like testimonials, more breathing room to do better work, and more satisfaction that you're actually seeing progress on the dream business you're working so hard to build...

Yeah. There is.

AND it will make YOUR experience of selling feel more confident, authentic, honest, and fun.

Can you imagine?

You might not even like to say the word


but by the end of our time together, you'll be pumped to tell the world about your offer AND feel excited to get in closer with your dream clients through DMs, sales calls, or discovery calls, WHILE watching Stripe notifications hit your inbox.

I'm Cristy...

I learned first learned sales from door-to-door whiz kids, followed up by dozens of internet marketing gurus, and even Silicon Valley VC investors and B2B tech start up coaches. 

And even though I was really good at it, I'd hide in parks with a book instead of knocking doors and every sales call and email made me feel like I was going to throw up. 

UNTIL I took my knowledge of key wounds that show up SPECIFICALLY for sensitive, big-hearted people in business and combined it with a decade of sales training and practical experience AND THEN laid it all over with a framework of non-manipulative sales psychology and radical authenticity.

And Voila!

i was finally able to charge prices that felt good to me, work only with clients i love, and look forward to pushing the "launch meeting" button on zoom.

And it hasn't just worked for me...

Before: "Freeze up and feel panicky..."

After working with Cristy: "Confident and good about myself and the process that I'm actually excited!"

I really freaking care about women and big-hearted people spending less time trying to get it "right" and more time feeling pleasure in their work, making great money, and knowing they can increase their income without trading in their morals and tender hearts.

So let's do it!

A 2.5 hour mastercourse will solve your sales stickiness forever!

personalizable framework that will work for any niche or industry

tactical, tangible sales tips and tricks that won't give you the ick

energetic shifts and pre-game practices to increase your confidence and conversions

the no-fail way to decide on your pricing and when to introduce it to your prospective client


your own canva copy of my personal proposal template (the only template you'll ever need!) and a guided tour of the psychology and use cases of each section (value $150)

Joyful Sales & Pricing

Live 2.5 Hour Mastercourse


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**Every effort is made toward integrity and transparency. As such, there are no refunds. Please purchase thoughtfully.

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