Obliterate the blocks, clear the rubble.
Throw open the floodgates to the current of life and love waiting to dance through you.

for you. for generations. for the world.

Cristy Duce – Soul-Centered Coach
for wild-hearted women

The world needs you

A Morning Practice You’re ACTUALLY Excited to Get Out of Bed For

Okay it might not being in the morning, but you know all those things you’re “supposed” to do to be successful and live your dreams and achieve your goals etc etc etc?

Throw them out. The point of your solo dedication time is to nourish your soul.

Here are a ton of ways (in a beautiful e-book) to do that and actually feel more refreshed, nourished, joyful, and alive by tapping into the divine current of life and love.

You’ll also get a playlist to make dedication to your soul’s journey feel more exciting than scrolling in your sheets.

There are no prerequisites here, but the material and individual support tends to deepen through this progression. There is always space to help you decide if a program or offering is a fit for you.

This work I’ve done with Cristy has been pivotal in shifting the energy of my marriage. As I’ve been able to find my footing, my roots, who I am—unapologetically—I’ve been better able to give my partner the same gift, to love him in his own unique beauty and respect and trust his autonomy and sovereignty. It’s made us so much stronger together. 

I think sometimes we worry that if we grow ‘too much’ we will leave people behind, and maybe that’s the case occasionally, but in my experience working with Cristy, I’ve only ever found MORE love and more capacity to love, a greater ability to root deeply and blossom wildly where I am while also allowing others to do the same.

The growth and shifts I’ve experienced here have always, always resulted in healthier, more richly beautiful relationships. I cannot say enough about how much the investment of energy has been worth it.

I’ve learned to love in a way that feels eternal and life-giving and nourishing…not draining.

-Avrey H., Past Sól & Private Client

As an advocate for human potential and teacher of the archetypal journey to the mature, conscious feminine, I help women release entrenched personal and ancestral wounding and deepen as powerful creatresses of their lives and relationships.

So you can rise as the heroine of your own life and bring your world with you as an infinite expression of love.

It’s time for women to rise as leaders of love, joy, advocacy. A teacher and mentor for decades, I help you release patterns of smallness, settling, and stuckness to intentionally create your life and relationships. 

Instead of repeating what has been handed to you and looking to partners, parents, culture for decisions and possibility, we work together to recognize and clear what isn’t true to you and identify and develop loyalty toward the voice of your own soul.

In the portal of your Heroine’s Journey and the gestation of your growth and desires, I serve as midwife to your rebirth—a wise and educated voice to guide your procession, bring perspective to your unfolding, and be with you in the pain before the ecstasy. 

And then we co-celebrate the genesis of what you have created.

On purpose.

Creating home inside you;
stoke the fires of your soul.


Homefires Podcast is where I share thoughts on our rising and interviews with medicine keepers, healers, and change-makers.

Curl up at the hearth. There’s room for you here.

Welcome to Homefires.

Intimate resting places and sacred circles for women on the journey of the mature feminine and re-creating the world

A magical ecosystem of honesty, support, and guidance. It’s the sacred circle of friends you’ve dreamed you had around you…

Nestle your roots into a system of support for six months. Twice monthly, you’ll meet at the well with your circle of 8 to share, unpack, and renourish.

Not only will you replenish in the healthy, biodiverse system you were always meant to have, but you’ll have me in every call to coach and help and hold.

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