We craft enchantingly cohesive online ecosystems for heart-led  service providers & coaches

–complete with website, messaging, copy, customer flow, funnels, and growth strategy.

captivate a steady flow of leads and sales with an online presence that shimmers with professionalism and personality.

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🪄we're your online fairy godmothers,

Dedicated to transforming your business

from 'best kept secret' to the most

BELLE of the BALL.


for an online presence as compelling as your

Chances are, your dreams of your phone dinging with deposit notifications while napping on a beach chair with the latest romant-asy novel beside you did not include a website you're kind of embarrassed to show people or a logo lifted straight from Canva.

Of course you want to help people and do more of what you're great at, but you probably also envisioned a beautiful and magnetic brand that feels like your favorite outfit. You imagined a website that did the heavy lifting of educating potential clients and transforming them into CC number-entering besties while you wait in the school pick-up line.


Let's twinkle your dreams to life ✨

"Cristy is the powerhouse that took everything from my heart and brain and created the brand that I am so proud of today."

If it wasn't for Cristy and her ability to help me clarify, narrow, and pinpoint all things brand, vibe, and story...I wouldn't have had the confidence to rip off the bandaid and launch Loft & Lane Home Design.

I have recommended her to everyone I know. She is world-class, a master of words and design and strategy."

jenna ronellenfitsch,

founder of loft & lane home design

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full-spectrum business design 

Total Brand


We'll get you from late-night DIY YouTube searches and wincing when someone asks for your website address to I'd be pumped to blast my links to everyone at my high school reunion-level confident. 

From to-do list overwhelm to to-done list/bonus vacation, we'll transform and create your entire gorgeous and profitable online ecosystem in two months without the enormous bandwidth loss (and expense!) of cobbling together contractors, assistants, strategists, and DIY bandaids.

website ✦ logo & branding ✦ copy ✦ seo ✦ funnel design & strategy ✦ systems ✦ automations ✦ client ecosystems

i need this sorcery!

two week custom brand + website



Need a professional and authority-producing website, reflective of your skills and proficiency, that reverberates with your personality and core values...like yesterday?

We'll create a custom and memorable turn-key website for you in less time than those 10-14 business days it takes to *actually* get your laundry heap folded and put away.

(Unless you're Sabrina Spellman of course 🧙‍♀️ ;)

this wizardry is for me!

Ready to Jump into the Cauldron?

We partner with visionary women, committed to building a bewitching, self-sustaining, and joyfully profitable brand.

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Not sure where your needs fit? No worries. It's literally our job to solve problems. We'll figure it out :)

Thank you so much Cristy!!

I do not know what I would have done without you! You nailed everything about my branding and SO MUCH MORE!

Through our conversation, you were able to get my vibe and emotion out into the world so professionally, beautifully, and uniquely ME!

Love it and YOU!

I just looked at the staging site again and I can barely sleep because it's so freaking AMAZING 🙌, I'm so excited to launch, and I don't give compliments freely, but its next level.

You took my idea and nailed it with precision. You're so seriously talented. I gave you word soup, and a photo. You transcended my idea and emotion and feeling into not just a website, but a whole marketing campaign.

Michelle Tremblay

Founder of Systems School for Social Sellers

Dustin Cox

Founder of
Abreu Clothing USA

So endlessly grateful for Cristy and all her guidance and love and light. She just does it differently and you can see it in everything that she does. Her copy and writing is unlike anything I've seen or heard out there, specifically in my industry, the real estate market.

I wanted my brand to feel like something and not just be about transactions and beautiful homes. I truly could not have accomplished that without her word wizardry. 

Leigh Kormos

Real Estate

"From nailing a brand and website I'm so proud of, to creating a beautiful platform for my team, to strategizing a whole new direction, I cannot recommend working with Cristy enough."

Kelsey Hansen

Sourdough Whisperer
& Sound Frequency Healer

"It was like she read my mind and then made it even better."

Wish you had a 

to create a






it's almost supernatural?

that feels so


There's good reason we call this the Magic Studio–in a sea of designers, copywriters, and OBMs, we create a different experience for both you and your clients. Forget lengthy forms and questionnaires to add one more overwhelming task to your to-do list. Forget aesthetic, but forgettable design or a brand that looks pretty but doesn't amplify your message or captivate your potential clients. Forget adding "delegate tasks to VA" or "finally decide on course platform" to your Trello board. 

From our first conversation, we'll get most of what we need to distill a structure and strategy that sells, a brand and design style that makes you wonder if we're clairvoyant, and a voice that sounds like you (but the revised version you say in the shower hours after the conversation ;)

We're experts in sales copywriting, design, platforms, and automations. Yes really. 

And we don't have a signature style or software,


our signature is creating everything completely handcrafted and custom to you.

Like all the most potent spells and potions (we assume),

🧞‍♀️abracadabra - let's go!

I was really hesitant to hire any of my marketing out because I wasn't quite sure that anyone was going to be able to capture what it was that I was looking for because I hadn't seen it out in the industry that I am in.

I was nervous, but I saw what you did for a good friend of mine and I was completely blown away and I knew the moment I saw her stuff. Right after we had our first initial meeting, I knew it was going to be an amazing fit.

I am endlessly grateful for taking that leap and working alongside you to bring my vision to light. I'm not sure that I even really gave you much guidance and you just like knocked it out of the park and couldn't have done a better job at landing on a brand, a vision, a strategy that felt aligned with who I am and what I'm trying to accomplish.

I know our work together will be the backbone and foundation of incredible growth for my business.

Leigh Kormos

Real Estate


Who is MAGIC STUDIO for?

We specialize in helping female service providers, coaches, creatives, course creators, and personal brands. We love streamlining and amplifying your online presence and internal platforms as well as co-strategizing your offerings, systems, and strategy. 

We DO work with businesses and brands outside this specialization. Just send a DM, email, carrier pigeon, or book a call and we'll see if we can help!

what are your prices?

We don't do a lot of generic packages because we believe in creating everything you need and nothing you don't and that's different for everyone! However, our two-week brand + website design packages generally land at $6500 USD/$8500 CAD and our Total Brand Enchantment starts at $10,000 USD/$13,400 CAD. We honor the significance of your investment and create everything under the strategy of increasing your leads, revenue, and profit. Plus, hiring high caliber designers, copywriters, and systems/platform specialists would nearly double your investment in some cases and you'd still be without the magic of cohesion and end to end strategy. We offer payment plans starting at $1500 USD/$2000 CAD.

Nope! We just want to know about you and your business! With most clients, we go right from meeting to friends to getting right into strategy, tech stacks, and brand vibes. Often we go deep enough in our first conversation to jump right in and get the bulk of the branding, writing, and design ready for review while you get to bed earlier and get your sourdough starter happy and healthy. We will often recommend booking a new set of brand photos, but we'll discuss on our call. Low in pressure, high in human connection. Can't wait to meet you!

what's the process like?

One of our main claims to MAGIC is how low lift our process is for YOU and how easily you can make massive progress in your business without adding much to your already demanding schedule. We want you to keep doing YOUR magic and leave us to do ours! You'll meet with Cristy (head studio enchantress) on zoom and we'll shape a package and contract just for you and your special unicorn business. After your deposit is paid, we'll get the brand fairies fluttering and send proofs, questions, voice memos to you on Telegram (free app) as they arise. You're welcome to send all your ideas, questions, and late night breakdowns to Cristy via your private chat at 3 am or while you're waiting to pick up at soccer practice. You have unlimited Telegram access during the duration of your project and we'll book zoom calls as need for final edits, walk throughs etc. Not only do we customize your package, but also how we work together. We really do want it to feel almost too good to be true!

what if i have questions before our call?

We don't do formal here! (Professional and polished, yes, but formal, not really). You can always send an email to hello@cristyleeduce.com or connect in the DMs on Instagram @cristyleeduce.

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